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Welcome Ersatz Systems Machine Cognition, LLC sells services, tools, software, and hardware for disruptive technology.

Public inventions include: Method and system for the Kanban cell neuron network, US Patent 9,202,166 (12/01/2015); and Method and system for prediction of time series by Kanban neuron model, US Patent 9,501,737 (11/22/2016).

We license the software Meth8/VŁ4, a modal logic model checker implementing the bivalent universal logic system of VŁ4 and sell its string handling utilities written in Ada95. *

All software and hardware services are based on flat rate bids and prices. A capability statement brochure is available.


The Meth8/VŁ4 modal logic model checker is shipping. A student demo download program for (p,q) is available free. Products for sale are scaled by the number of propositional variables allowed as 3, 4, and 11: $47 for (p,q,r); $97 for (p,q,r,s) and (A,B,C,D); and $147 for (p-z). Standard trade discounts apply to qualified resellers. This manifest has further scalability pricing for up to 22-propositional variables in external look up tables on a single 4.7 GB CD.

The approach in analytical theology for metaphysical conjectures mapped as physicalistic scripts is in updates.

* To build the industrial grade code of Meth8/VŁ4, 28 string utilities in TrueBASIC are implemented in Ada 95 with certified test harness. The path en route is auto translation into VHDL to support hardware parts as exempt from ITAR. String functions are priced as $497 each, with a suite of 28 as $12,997. One-time maintenance is 15%.

Recent advances in disruptive technology are: [Papers below after 9/7/2023 are in the results fascicle file.]
  • Inadvertent discovery of modal logic by George Boole over 100-years before attribution to another
  • Celebrating the Sesquicentennial of Cantor's Theorem (Cantor's enormity, 150-years later), video
  • Falsification of Georg Cantor's diagonal argument in most compact form using fractions of 1, 2, and 3
  • Denial of inference rules abduction and induction by bag of beans of C.S. Peirce, to confirm only deduction
  • Denial of the universe of Grothendieck via one axiom and one theorem
  • Refutation of analogical and causal reasoning to invalidate the artificial intelligence (AI) engine
  • Refutation of the generalization rule as: If variable x does not occur free in p, then from p→s, infer p→∀xs
  • Refutation of the principle / rule of implied quantification / instantiation where F(x,y) = ∀x∀y(F(x,y))
  • Refutation of computational tree logic (CTL) and formulas to express system specifications [used by AI]
  • Refutation of time as a dimension, confirming 2D-complex Clifford tori for unit spheres
  • Retutation of information flow network (IFF) and category theory

Other products, papers, and free software source code are at the subsite. For example, this handy N-by-M contingency test with Fisher P in TrueBASIC source code derives expected values from the observed values.

Accessibility 508 immunity statement: This site is freely accessible, but no longer open to the public. wai-aa wcag-2.1

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