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Ersatz Systems Machine Cognition, LLC (ESMC) sells services, tools, and software and hardware for bivalent technology such as:

Method and system for the Kanban cell neuron network, US Patent 9,202,166 (issued 12/01/2015); and Method and system for prediction of time series by Kanban neuron model, US Patent 9,501,737 (issued 11/22/2016).

Our focus is in licensing the Meth8 modal logic model checker.


The KCNN Model applies to the prediction of trading signals for financial markets such as 10-year treasuries and five disparate commodities. This is named the Kanban cell neuron stock trading system (KCNSTS). A book for Chinese and Asian ETFs from December, 2014 shows an annualized profit.

The Meth8 modal logic model checker is now available for licensing at $97 for 10,000 metered table lookup accesses.

Each copy is uniquely installed as one seat per computer, without internet access or use of assymetric encryption, and is fully ITAR complaint and hence exportable world wide.

Published details are in the model table definitions and a current catalog of published logic papers herein.

Many papers are also available as pdf files at vixra dot org under "Mathematics - Set theory and logic", with link by author name to other sections. Recent papers not indexed correctly at vixra are listed here.

All software and hardware services are based on flat rate bids and prices. Other products are at

For angel or private equity buyers, please inquire about this business plan at: "".

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