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Mission Sell the company
Philosophy We adhere to the words of the late Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (USN, Ret): "One manages things, but one leads people".
Profile We sell software made in USA which is guaranteed to work and without any fine print disclaimer of warranty.

We sell one price solutions for projects of any size rather than make bids that quote hourly rates: our software development uses our Software Development Method [SDM], a Software Factorysm that delivers zero-defect code.

We sell financial software using our chained logic table technology [LTT] and relational database management systems [RDBMS] to coerce non procedural structured query language [SQL] to perform procedural processing.  This combination in the product pSUMsm is the first implementation of pure subject-oriented software.  As applied to manufacturing, LTT forms the first real-time Advanced Planning and Scheduling [APS] product implemented for relational databases. A further instance of material costing is in Data WareMartsm.

Our product XSD-RDBMSsm auto converts .xsd code directly into ANSI SQL scripts that produce relational tables, columns, attributes, and views.  A demo is available on request by email. 

Our services based on Soft Lifecyclesm include the Software Development Methodology [SDM] which is so accurate that it predicts the time resource of large projects to within several weeks.

We sell licenses to our software patents: the fastest known random number generator for non inversive encryption; and the best performing sort algorithm.

History CEC Services was founded in 1985 by Colin James III and established in 1995 as a Colorado Limited Liability Company [LLC]. The acronym "CEC" has a nice sound and was taken from The Continuing Episcopal Church, the organization to which CEC Services originally supplied information technology.
Staff Colin James III is the Principal Scientist who is involved with computers and sales since 1964..
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