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Welcome Ersatz Systems Machine Cognition, LLC sells services, tools, software, and hardware for bivalent technology:

Method and system for the Kanban cell neuron network, US Patent 9,202,166 (issued 12/01/2015); and Method and system for prediction of time series by Kanban neuron model, US Patent 9,501,737 (issued 11/22/2016).

We license the software Meth8/VŁ4, a modal logic model checker implementing the universal logic system of VŁ4.

All software and hardware services are based on flat rate bids and prices.


The Meth8/VŁ4 modal logic model checker is shipping. A free student demo program for (p,q) is available.

Products for sale are scaled by the number of propositional variables allowed as 3, 4, and 11: $47 for (p,q,r); $97 for (p,q,r,s) and (A,B,C,D); and $147 for (p-z). Standard trade discounts apply to qualified resellers. This manifest has further scalability pricing for up to 22-propositional variables in external look up tables on a single 8.5GB CD.

The current abstract and toc results of 1194 artifacts in 8328 assertions at a refutation rate 91.28% is here. This updates continuously the list of papers. A link for the current draft document of 33 MB in 2219 pages is available by email request to "". (NB: earthlink, gmail, hotmail, outlook are not read.)

A heart-burn paper "Refutation of Cantor's continuum by his own axiom of infinity, invalidating aleph-zero (ℵ0)" was submitted for the record to Documenta Mathematica (aka pass more steins). Leading the academic enormities is "Refutation of politeness, strong politeness, finite witnessability and hence stable-infiniteness" from Gates Computer Science Building at Stanford.

Other products, papers, and free software source code are at the subsite. For example, this handy N-by-M contingency test with Fisher P in TrueBASIC source derives expected values from the observed values.

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